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injuries from pharmaceuticals,
medical devices or environmental contamination?

Find Out If You're Entitled to Substantial Financial Compensation. Leading Lawyers: 100% contingent fee.

About Lawsuit Help Desk

Getting the settlement you deserve! And our services are 100% free. Lawsuit Help Desk is committed to assisting individuals affected by drug injuries, malfunctioning medical products and environmental contamination.

We will connect you with leading law firms for the mass tort you’ve suffered. These are not just great firms, but they know the ins and outs of your mass tort. 

Your case will be taken 100% contingent fee, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket, ever. That’s our guarantee.

We have one goal: To bring you financial justice.

Our law firms will pursue a settlement for you.  Manufacturers liable for harmful drugs and faulty medical devices face dire financial consequences if they don’t settle. Ask our law firms!

All settlement decisions are yours. If you choose not to settle, or in the unlikely event the manufacturer doesn’t do a mass settlement: Our firms have pledged to take your case to jury verdict. And you still pay nothing out of pocket. 

Our clients are not fat cat corporations: They are individuals, just like you! Americans wronged by harmful drugs, dangerous medical devices and pollutants in the air, water and soil.  You pay nothing up front. And our services are free to you. 

Our firms are paid only if they settle or win your case. They take 100% of the financial risk. By partnering with you, they’re highly motivated to make sure you’re very well compensated. The only amounts you pay are a percentage of the proceeds from settlement or verdict, and only if the firm secures it for you.

Active Cases & Settlements

Are You Entitled to Major Financial Compensation?

Your Injury, Cancer, or Pain and Suffering May Have Resulted From Corporate Malfeasance. 

It May Have Resulted From The Medicine You’ve Taken, The Medical Devices You’ve Received, Or Your Exposure To Environmental Contamination.

Our lawyers lead the pack. They’ve done multimillion and even multibillion dollar cases. We make the leading mass torts law firms available to you. They will evaluate your legal options and fight for your justice and compensation.

We actively support individuals in the process of pursuing justice and gaining enormous compensation for harms they’ve suffered.

We will ensure the public is well informed about corporate malfeasance. We will keep the public well informed about what has caused their injuries and cancers. We will spread a positive message about good health, and cutting edge research to help. 

Clients Testimonials

From confusion to clarity, from despair to hope. Read firsthand accounts of the transformative impact we've been honored to make. Our services are 100% free.


From recognition by peers to offering access to the key players in the world of mass torts, our relationships make all the difference.

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