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Have you undergone a knee, hip, or ankle implant procedure with Exactech after the year 2004? Is your implant included in the recall list or have you been informed by your surgeon about the recall or is it known that your surgeon has used Exactech implants in their procedures? Then there is a real likelihood you would qualify for an Exactech lawsuit and settlement opportunity. 

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What are Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuits?

Safety standards

Exactech has faced lawsuits due to allegations that their products failed to meet safety standards and did not provide adequate protection for patients. The company has been accused of manufacturing defective hip implants, knee replacements, and other medical devices that could cause serious harm or even death to patients.

Moreover, some claims state that Exactech did not properly test their products before releasing them to the market, leading to issues like metal poisoning, bone fractures, and nerve damage in some cases. Patients who suffered injuries due to these faulty medical devices may pursue compensation through a lawsuit against Exactech. Additionally, there have been accusations that Exactech did not provide adequate training to doctors on how to implant and maintain their products, leading to infections and other severe complications that could be fatal.

Knee replacement recalls

Exactech has recalled several knee, hip, and ankle implants, and some patients who have received a recall letter from their physicians are contacting Exactech attorneys to start a claim. These patients are seeking compensation for undergoing or requiring revision surgery.

Recently, Exactech issued a significant recall after discovering a defective packaging issue causing the deterioration of a polyethylene insert component in their knee, hip, and ankle implant systems produced after 2004. The packaging defect resulted in early failures of many Exactech knee implants, requiring numerous patients to undergo corrective surgery.

Patients who had an Exactech knee implant that failed and need revision surgery may be eligible to file a lawsuit. The deterioration of the inserts caused severe discomfort and necessitated revision surgery to replace the implant, sometimes after only a few months. Consequently, a class-action lawsuit against Exactech relating to their knee replacements was initiated in 2022.


The FDA has associated a variety of health problems with recalled Exactech implants. Faulty hip, knee, and ankle replacement products from Exactech can cause several side effects, including grinding, clicking, or popping noises, dislocations, inability to bear weight, joint instability, new or worsening pain, osteolysis or bone degeneration, premature wear or device failure, swelling, and revision surgery.

Moreover, individuals with defective Exactech hip, knee, or ankle replacements may require costly revision surgery due to implant failure.


The degradation of Exactech’s knee, ankle, or hip replacements can cause a range of medical issues. Synovitis, for instance, is a common condition associated with inflammation of the synovial membrane that lines the joints. Symptoms of synovitis include swelling, joint pain or tenderness, and the presence of nodules. If left untreated, it can lead to degeneration of the affected joint.


Another common side effect is osteolysis, characterized by active osteoclasts breaking down bone tissue, often near a prosthesis or artificial joint replacement. This condition can cause an implant recipient to suffer broken bones and/or loosening of the implant. Revision surgery is often required to replace the prosthesis.

Registry data from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom indicate a significant failure rate of Exactech’s knee implants. Inevitably, this necessitates surgeons to closely monitor affected patients for wear, osteolysis, and associated failure modes. Consequently, if premature polyethylene wear is detected, Exactech recommends that surgeons consider revision surgery based on their clinical judgment.

Joint stability

Exactech’s knee, hip, and ankle joint replacements have been associated with numerous complications, according to reports. The implants have been linked to joint instability, increased risk of dislocation, nerve damage, bone fractures, infection, leg length discrepancies, and metal toxicity due to continued corrosion of implant components.

Revision surgery

Studies have also shown that individuals who receive an Exactech implant are more likely to require revision surgery compared to those who receive other types of implants. Therefore, it is essential for prospective patients to carefully consider their options and discuss potential risks associated with each implant type before making a decision.

Knee implant failure

If a knee replacement device is exposed to oxygen before being implanted, oxidation can occur. Thus, it can lead to damage of the plastic once inside the patient’s body. This can result in knee implant failure and symptoms such as knee swelling, pain while walking, inability to bear weight on the implant, grinding or clicking, and overall joint instability.

2023 Exactech lawsuit status update

Exactech is currently the defendant in several lawsuits. This includes a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of failing to warn patients about known risks and complications associated with their implantable medical devices. On February 20, 2023, the judge presiding over the class action MDL scheduled a “science day” on May 10th. This will allow lawyers from both sides to present scientific evidence and issues. Science day is a common practice in mass tort MDLs. Moreover, there are currently 132 cases pending in the Exactech MDL and 80 pending in Florida state courts.

MDL update

On February 1, 2023, MDL judge Garaufis finalized the short-form complaint process. Fortunately, this allows for the direct filing of all ensuing cases in the MDL. Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel also set up a website to disseminate critical information. This will include court directives, due dates, and other pertinent information for attorneys and the general public. The MDL judge will receive information on the medical and scientific issues in the case during Science Day. As expected, the parties are expected to submit a joint letter with proposals for this event.

2022 status update

Exactech is advocating for formal coordination between the federal and state court proceedings to streamline the Exactech class action MDL in federal court with the consolidated recall cases in Florida state courts. The company cites cost-efficiency benefits, but the plaintiffs involved in the Florida state court cases have objected to Exactech’s motion for coordination. A hearing took place in Florida on December 29, 2022, and a decision regarding the matter is expected soon.

Currently, there has been no reported settlement yet between plaintiffs and defendants. Apparently, the parties are in active discussions toward reaching a settlement.

Do I qualify for an Exactech lawsuit?

You may qualify to file Exactech lawsuit if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Implant 2004 or later; and
  • Confirmed Exactech implant
    Surgeon notified of recalled implant
    Surgeon is known to have implanted Exactech Implants
man recovering in hospital who's filed an Exactech lawsuit
weighing the benefits of Exactech lawsuit

If your lawyers take my Exactech lawsuit, what are the fees?

Our good news for you is that you do not have to pay any legal fee upfront!

Basically, if you qualify, the legal representation will be an entirely contingent fee. That means that all legal costs and expenses are borne by the law firm representing you. You pay nothing out of pocket. The legal costs and expenses come out of the settlement or award you receive. 

Note that, unlike most other mass torts sights, Lawsuit Help Desk will give you access to leaders in this field of mass torts, not simply personal injury lawyers or whoever is paying for leads to a marketing firm. 

So, what happens on the off chance the case is not settled or won? You will owe nothing because the risk is entirely borne by the law firm representing you.

How much is the Exactech lawsuit payout?

To estimate the potential settlement amount for an Exactech knee replacement recall lawsuit, our leading lawyers suggest comparing it to other knee replacement settlements and personal injury cases involving knee injuries.

Average payout

Currently, there are no reported settlements or verdicts in an Exactech knee implant lawsuit, so the specific settlement amount for an Exactech recall lawsuit cannot be determined. However, based on other cases, a more conservative estimate is approximately $125,000. This is the average compensation payout in knee injury tort cases.


It is likely that the settlement amounts in Exactech recall lawsuits will be higher due to the negative perception of the medical device company. Punitive damages will also be considered, so the expected settlement amounts in these cases should be doubled to a minimum of $220,000. Looking at other knee replacement settlements, the average individual settlement amount is around $250,000.

Best estimate

Exactech’s liability is clear, as evidenced by the company’s Dear Doctor letter. The strength of the liability in knee replacement lawsuits from previous years should also be considered when calculating potential settlement amounts. Inflation must be taken into account, and as of 2023, the best estimate for Exactech recall cases is approximately $300,000.

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If I'm eligible, will I owe Lawsuit Help Desk or your lawyers?

Not at all.

You have no obligations to Lawsuit Help Desk if you’re qualified. If we find that you are qualified, and you wish to proceed with the mass torts firms we have provided for you, the lawyers will discuss the retention agreement with you.

How much time do I have to file my Exactech lawsuit?

You must act now, even if it’s not with us.

Statutes of limitations, worsened by lagging scientific research, may bar your recovery. Further, if you file late, you may miss important settlement opportunities. 

Hence, it’s very important to secure legal representation as soon as possible. In fact, one of our lawyers’ first actions for you will be to check your state’s statute of limitations and repose. 

To ensure that injury lawsuits are filed in a timely manner, each state enforces its own statutes of limitations (SOL) and statutes of repose (SOR). These statutes set specific time limits that bar lawsuits from being filed or enforced after they expire. Also, these time limits vary from state to state.

Therefore, if a plaintiff files a lawsuit after the applicable time limit has expired, the court will dismiss the case. Unfortunately in such case, the plaintiff will not receive any compensation for their injury.

Lagging scientific research can negatively affect your Exactech knee replacement recall lawsuit.

This is because scientific research required to establish links between the cause and the symptoms take time. In the case of the Exactech recall lawsuit, the link is already established. 

Take advantage of this now and talk to our lawyers.

Sadly, you could miss substantial settlement opportunities.

Defendants usually settle cases with thousands of defendants at a time. However, in order to qualify as a recovery victim, your lawyer must have already filed your lawsuit. 

Thus, act now and call us.

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How do I file and settle my Exactech lawsuit?

Simple! Just contact us now for a simple and quick assessment of your case. Get peace of mind. Do it today!

Also, please start saving every relevant document that our attorneys may need as evidence. That includes any proofs of purchase, receipts, medical bills, and other documents related to your Exactech product purchase.

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Monthly Status Updates of Exactech Lawsuits

February 20, 2023

The judge presiding over the class action MDL has set a “science day” for May 10th. Such days are commonplace in mass tort MDLs related to product liability claims and provide an opportunity for lawyers on both sides to present scientific evidence and educate the court about scientific issues related to the litigation. Presently, there are 132 cases pending in the Exactech MDL, with at least 80 others awaiting judgment in Florida state courts.

February 1, 2023

A previous update from February 1, 2023, revealed that the MDL Judge Garaufis had finalized the process, allowing direct filing of all future cases in the MDL using a short-form Complaint. Additionally, a website was created by Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel to publish court orders, deadlines, and other information relevant to the MDL proceedings. The parties would soon submit a joint letter with proposals for a Science Day, an informal hearing for lawyers on both sides to brief the MDL judge on medical and scientific matters relating to the case.

False Claims Act lawsuit

Exactech, a manufacturer of medical devices, was involved in numerous legal disputes both domestically and abroad in February 2023. It was sued under the False Claims Act for breaching contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The basis is its negligence in supplying incompatible implants with stent systems that were VA-approved.

Currently, the action is still in its early stages. Thus, no trial date has been established. Exactech is also the target of a price-fixing antitrust case brought by rivals. Also, due to defective components, Exactech recalled specific knee implant models. Consequently, the recall allowed patients who had these implants to claim for reimbursement under the recall’s terms. Finally, Exactech was the target of numerous negligence claims involving its hip replacements, particularly in California.

January 20, 2023

The judge overseeing the Exactech implant recall multidistrict litigation (MDL) will hold a status conference. During this conference, the judge is expected to set deadlines for the parties. Basically, this wil provide joint discovery and case management plans. According to a joint status report submitted on Tuesday by both sides, plaintiffs in the 86 consolidated cases in Florida state court served master discovery requests in early December. And, the report outlines their progress on specific administrative tasks and the status of discovery. Furthermore, Exactech’s leading medical officer, Dr. Sharat Kusuma, is set to be deposed on February 16, 2023.

January 14, 2023

Hursey v. Exactech, Inc. et al. (1:22-cv-07893) is one of the recent Exactech implant recall lawsuits filed in the Eastern District of New York. The lawsuit concerns Exactech’s Truliant Knee System. This was recalled in February 2022. Hursey received the Truliant implant during knee replacement surgery in July 2021. And, by August 2022, the polyethylene insert had failed, requiring revision surgery. The lawsuit accuses a manufacturing defect under strict liability, as well as several other claims.

January 7, 2023

On January 7, 2023, it was announced that a new study will be conducted to track patients who have had or will have a Truliant knee prosthesis implanted. On January 1, 2023, it was reported that in addition to the Exactech recall lawsuits already pending in the federal court MDL, there are now 80 more lawsuits in a state court version of an MDL in Florida. Exactech’s lawyers sent a letter to MDL Judge Garaufis last week emphasizing the need to coordinate the discovery process between federal and state court proceedings. As a result, Exactech filed a motion in the Florida proceedings seeking federal-state discovery coordination. However, the plaintiffs’ Exactech lawyers are opposing this motion.

December 27, 2022

Judge Garaufis concurred with the plaintiffs that measures should be taken to catch up with the Exactech state MDL already in progress in Florida. At the end of the conference, Judge Garaufis granted the request to allow new Exactech recall cases to be filed directly in the MDL. Consequently, this made the process easier for all involved.

Additionally, the judge issued several accelerated deadlines for the initial MDL housekeeping tasks and formally approved the appointment of 27 attorneys to serve in various leadership roles for the plaintiffs. These roles include an executive committee, liaison counsel, and a plaintiffs’ steering committee.

Florida MDL update

In a recent status conference in the new Exactech class action MDL held in federal court, Judge Garaufis acknowledged that the federal MDL needed to speed up. Basically, this is to keep up with the ongoing proceedings in the Exactech state court MDL in Florida. As a result, Garaufis allowed new Exactech cases to be filed directly in the MDL. Also, the judge expedited deadlines for the initial MDL housekeeping tasks. 

These include applications for appointment to the plaintiffs’ leadership committees, which are due next week. It also contains a proposed master short-form complaint and a discovery plan, which will be due in about a month. Further, the judge also formally approved the appointment of 27 lawyers to serve in various positions on the plaintiffs’ leadership committees. These include an executive committee, liaison counsel, and a plaintiffs’ steering committee.

Rival lawsuits

Exactech will continue its legal battles against competitors who have infringed on their patents and trademarks. The company plans to vigorously pursue its rights in court and seek damages for lost profits due to the illegal activities of their rivals. 

Exactech has also filed several lawsuits this year against companies that have attempted to copy or use their products without permission. They are seeking injunctions, as well as restitution and compensation for losses incurred by the infringement. In addition, they are continuing to investigate other possible instances of copyright infringement. Clearly, this is to protect their intellectual property rights. 

November 22, 2022

Judge Garaufis presided over a status conference in the new Exactech class action MDL in federal court. During the conference, the judge acknowledged that the federal MDL needed to speed up in order to keep pace with the ongoing Exactech state court MDL in Florida.

Judge Garaufis directed that new Exactech cases can now be filed directly in the MDL to expedite the process. Additionally, he adopted an accelerated schedule for the initial MDL housekeeping tasks, including a deadline for applications to the plaintiffs’ leadership committees and the submission of a proposed master short-form complaint and a discovery plan.

November 18, 2022

It was announced that the first status conference for the Exactech implant recall multidistrict litigation (MDL) in federal court would be held that week. Currently, there is also an ongoing state court MDL in Florida. It is well ahead of the federal MDL in terms of timeline, with an initial bellwether trial scheduled for the next year.

This has prompted many lawyers on both sides to request that the federal judge expedite the process to catch up. In letters to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, separate plaintiffs’ attorneys involved in the Exactech lawsuits have requested that he immediately permit direct filings in the federal MDL and appoint lawyers to the plaintiffs’ leadership committee.

November 8, 2022

It was announced that the Exactech implant recall lawsuits have been consolidated into a new class action MDL in the federal court system. However, there are also 50 Exactech lawsuits involving recalled hip and ankle implants. These were filed in Florida state courts and consolidated into a state version of an MDL class action.

The judge in the Florida state court case issued an Order scheduling the first trial for November 2023, which will serve as a de facto bellwether test trial for all Exactech lawsuits. This means that the state court trial may happen before the federal class action trial.

October 11, 2022

The US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated all Exactech joint replacement recall lawsuits into a new class action MDL. This is overseen by Senior Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in the Eastern District of New York.

This was despite Exactech’s preference to have the MDL created in the Northern District of Florida where the company’s headquarters are located. Clearly, the consolidation will provide increased efficiency and prevent inconsistent pretrial rulings.

New recall lawsuits

Since June 1st, plaintiffs filed 75 new recall lawsuits against Exactech in federal courts. Interestingly, majority of these cases were filed in the Eastern District of New York. Our Exactech lawsuit lawyers are seeing many clients who had surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. 

New York class action

A new Exactech class action lawsuit was established in New York. So, any similar lawsuit filed in federal court will be transferred to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in the Eastern District of New York. Currently, there are over one-third of the 75 lawsuits related to Exactech have already been filed. The US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation said that consolidating the cases into a single proceeding would increase efficiency and prevent inconsistent pretrial rulings.

Patients involved in the lawsuits claim that their devices failed prematurely. Consequently, it leads to a need for revision surgery and personal injuries. Therefore, they also accused manufacturing issues and other factors of leading to the liner component being exposed to excess oxygen, resulting in premature wear and tear.

New York class action

Exactech has been facing numerous civil lawsuits related to its recalled knee and ankle implant systems. As of September 2022, 39 new lawsuits have been filed against the company in federal courts across the United States. Many of these lawsuits involve multiple plaintiffs. Interestingly, most of the new cases were filed in the Eastern District of New York. With this increase, new class action MDL are likely to be created to consolidate the cases.

September 1, 2022

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation scheduled a hearing. The purpose of this is to decide whether to consolidate all federal lawsuits accusing Exactech of joint failures. Indeed, the motion bring all the individual lawsuits together under one umbrella. More importantly, it will enable victims to receive a fair settlement for the harm they suffered due to the Exactech recall.

Anti-competitive practices

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) alleged that Exactech is engaged in anti-competitive practices. The scheme was made through agreements with hospitals and health systems. The company is also facing various other civil suits. These include patent infringement, product liability, professional negligence, and breach of contract claims filed by customers or competitors.

Exactech is also under scrutiny from various regulatory bodies, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is investigating the company’s pricing practices for medical devices sold in the US market. The company is working to resolve these matters without litigation.

Currently, Exactech is proactively addressing the concerns that regulators raised. 

Exactech had to include more than 40,000 acetabular hip liner components in implant systems for its recall. These were under the Connexion, Novation, and other brand names.

Healthcare providers received a letter last week informing them of the expanded recall. The JPML is now debating creating a new class action MDL to house the expanding number of Exactech implant recall complaints. It is very possible that a new Exactech class action case will be filed. Moreover, the court’s decision is anticipated as early as this month.

Presently, Exactech’s legal team has responded to the most recent MDL motion presented to the JPML as of August 1, 2022. The business has stated that it favors the combining of all lawsuits.

July 1, 2022

The majority of patients who had the faulty implants have not been informed about the recall. Despite the firm’s public announcements, this lack of awareness is unfortunate. Further, Exactech gave orthopedic physicians a template letter in February to use when communicating with patients.

However, it has not since attempted to do so. Only a small portion of the approximately 150,000 patients who have received faulty Exactech implants have been informed of the recall. As a result, there are currently few Exactech recall claim lawsuits, and no Exactech class action lawsuit exists.

Exactech delegated responsibility for sending patient notification letters to individual doctor’s offices, therefore as a result,

MDL update

Exactech lawyers have been waiting until there are enough lawsuits filed to go to the MDL Panel and request a class action. In late June 2022, a group of plaintiffs who were affected by the Exactech knee implant recall filed a motion with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML). The motion is requesting the establishment of a new MDL Exactech class action lawsuit to handle all future Exactech recall lawsuits.

Since Exactech’s recall announcement in February, a steady flow of product liability lawsuits has been filed. As of the recent motion filed with the JPML, there are currently 27 Exactech implant recall cases pending in 11 different federal districts.

The motion recommends the Eastern District of New York as a venue for the Exactech class action lawsuit, but Exactech is expected to request the Northern District of Florida, where its headquarters is located.

New lawsuits

Exactech recall victims have been slow to file lawsuits as of June 2022. Apparently, only a few new claims are being submitted to federal court in April and May. Exactech lawyers receive calls from clients on a regular basis. But, the number of new claims filed has been less than anticipated.

Around 150,000 people have been impacted by the recall. However, many are still unaware of it because Exactech is only informing orthopedic specialists. This could change when the attorneys for the victims start spreading information. Consequently, it might trigger a surge in new claims and, ultimately, a class action lawsuit.

Sadly, a lot of sufferers don’t know what kind of implant they have until their doctors tell them. Moreover, given that there are only

Public awareness

Despite the recall affecting an estimated 150,000 patients, many remain unaware of it because Exactech is only notifying orthopedic doctors. This may change when Exactech lawyers start raising awareness, leading to a sharp rise in the number of new lawsuits and eventually a class action lawsuit. 

Unfortunately, victims often do not know the type of implant they have until they are notified by their doctor, and only a small percentage of patients have been notified about the recall so far. This could result in the statute of limitations passing for many victims who did not attribute their complications to the Exactech recall. 

However, a smaller pool of plaintiffs could lead to higher settlements for those who do file lawsuits because it would be easier for Exactech to settle.

News & Articles

Unveiled: The Shocking Revelations Behind Exactech’s Hip Replacement Devices – A Heart-Wrenching Journey into Lives Altered Forever and the Fight for Justice!

Unveiled: The Shocking Revelations Behind Exactech's Hip Replacement Devices - A Heart-Wrenching Journey into Lives Altered Forever and the Fight for Justice!

Exactech's cutting-edge hip replacement technology was both seductive and enticing. We were all excited about the possibilities: patients saw a ray of hope in their never-ending fight against chronic pain; doctors saw hip surgery as a potentially game-changing procedure; and Exactech was at the forefront of medical innovation. But as the curtain rose, it became clear that the upbeat prologue was very different from the grim reality. 

Patients were cut off from the promised relief and caught in a paradox of pain. 
Once-optimistic people suddenly found themselves incapacitated, their mobility decreased, and their symptoms reappeared.
The worst patients had to undergo additional surgeries to address complications or have the Exactech device completely removed.

A critical query started to reverberate as disillusionment grew: Had Exactech allegedly failed to disclose potential risks and side effects?

The cries of betrayed patients reverberated throughout the courtroom as a tsunami of cases surged forward in search of explanations and responsibility. Each complaint raised serious concerns regarding the manufacturing process, the dependability of the device, and the thorough risk disclosure prior to surgery. A discussion about the ethical obligations of medical device manufacturers and the larger healthcare industry was sparked by the intensifying legal disputes. 

Despite this hardship, a symbol of human perseverance appeared: 

By relying on their support systems and putting their attention on rehabilitation, affected people discovered ways to survive their altered reality.
Some developed into outspoken activists who warned others and pushed for greater openness from manufacturers. 
A select few used their experiences to advocate for more stringent rules and improved patient education.

Their tales are a ray of hope, and their bravery serves as a call to action. 

Important lessons have emerged from the Exactech saga's aftermath for patients, healthcare professionals, and manufacturers alike:

All medical procedures and devices must be verified and researched by the patient.
Healthcare professionals must prioritize patient education and take all outcomes into account. 
Extensive product testing and crystal-clear risk disclosure must be manufacturers' top priorities.

The story behind Exactech's hip replacement devices serves as a reminder of the principles that should guide medical innovation: openness, strict testing, and putting patients' needs first. These insights act as road signs as we advance toward a more responsible medical environment. champions the cause of justice, which is at the center of legal disputes and inspirational stories. If you were impacted, get in touch with us because it is our goal to match each victim of a mass tort with a reputable litigation attorney. We serve as a top source of information for people who have been hurt by mass torts. Together, armed with knowledge and a shared commitment to justice, let's forge the way forward. 

One case at a time, bringing transparency to mass torts.

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Unveiled: The Shocking Revelations Behind Exactech's Hip Replacement Devices - A Heart-Wrenching Journey into Lives Altered Forever and the Fight for Justice!

The allure of Exactech's innovative hip replacement devices was as potent as it was promising. We all reveled in the possibilities – patients saw a beacon of hope in their relentless battle against chronic pain; clinicians recognised a potential game-changer in hip surgery; Exactech stood at the forefront of medical advances. Yet, as the curtain rose, the stark reality proved far removed from the optimistic prologue.

As disillusionment spread, a pressing question began to reverberate: Had Exactech allegedly failed to disclose potential risks and side-effects?

The courtroom echoed the cries of betrayed patients, the wave of cases surging like a tsunami, seeking answers, seeking accountability. Each complaint raised probing queries about the manufacturing process, device reliability, and the comprehensive risk disclosure pre-surgery. The growing legal battles sparked a discourse on the ethical responsibilities of medical device manufacturers and the wider healthcare sector.

Yet within this adversity, a testament to human resilience emerged:

Their stories are a beacon of hope, their courage a rallying cry.

In the aftermath of the unfolding Exactech saga, crucial lessons have come to light for patients, healthcare providers, and manufacturers alike:

The narrative of Exactech's hip replacement devices reminds us of the ethos that should drive medical advancements – transparency, rigorous testing, and prioritizing patient welfare. As we march forward, these lessons serve as guideposts to a more conscientious medical landscape.

At the core of legal battles and tales of resilience, champions the cause of justice. If you've been affected, reach out to us – our mission is to connect every mass tort victim with leading litigation counsel. We are also a premier information portal for individuals who have been injured from mass torts. Let's navigate the future together, armed with awareness and a shared commitment to justice.

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