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Are you or a loved one a survivor of human trafficking? Were you sexually exploited at commercial businesses, such as hotels, truck stops, or certain websites, including classified advertising sites?

Then there is a real likelihood you would qualify for a human trafficking lawsuit and settlement opportunity. 

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Why Are Human Trafficking Lawsuits Being Filed?

Victims of human trafficking and forced labor are seeking justice by filing human trafficking lawsuits. Essentially, filing such cases gives both adults and children who have suffered the chance to speak up. In other words, they demand that the offenders take responsibility.

Ultimately, holding traffickers accountable through legal action can also put an end to the exploitation of vulnerable communities.

Public Awareness

Human trafficking lawsuits also play a vital role in raising public awareness about the pervasiveness of this crime. Clearly, it has devastating effects on victims worldwide. By highlighting the severity of this problem, such legal action can help prevent future exploitation of innocent people. 

Further, it can encourage stronger sanctions against traffickers. Ultimately, these landmark cases make a significant contribution to preventing human trafficking and restoring the dignity of survivors worldwide.

Emotional restitution

Additionally, civil litigation can also provide victims with a degree of financial and emotional restitution. In some cases, plaintiffs may receive damages for pain and suffering as well as financial losses resulting from their exploitation.

Generally, these means of restitution are essential for advancing justice and helping survivors rebuild their lives after such traumatic experiences. Hence, victims of human trafficking often seek not only redress but also closure and the assurance that those who committed the crime will be held accountable through legal action.

“Human trafficking” refers to an act of forcing people to provide work or services. Also, it must be made through coercion, fraud, or force. Often, sexual exploitation is a component of human trafficking.

Interestingly, a decade ago, the act of bringing people into a country for forced labor or sexual exploitation was known as “human trafficking.” Hence, under this definition, smuggling immigrants into the country and hiring them for sexual exploitation is the standard illustration of human trafficking.

Legal definition

The legal definition of human trafficking, however, has changed and grown to now encompass all facets of the exploitation system. Without or with the aid of border crossing, human trafficking can take place. When people are coerced into service via threats, fraud, or other forms of compulsion, this is considered human trafficking.

Although the media tends to focus on human trafficking involving forced sexual exploitation, it’s important to recognize other forms of this crime. In fact, human trafficking can take many forms. These could include forced labor, including domestic work, factory work, construction, restaurant and hotel work, as well as sexual exploitation and forced marriages.

ILO update

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), there are more than 40 million people worldwide who are victims of human trafficking. Moreover, the vast majority are forced into labor or marriages against their will, with one-quarter of them being children. Women and girls make up 75% of the victims.

Moreover, this global issue generates a staggering $150 billion industry, with 20% of that revenue coming from the United States.

In 2000, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was signed into law. This became the first federal law to address modern-day human trafficking.

Currently, the law defines human trafficking as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for labor or sex services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.

The global problem of human trafficking has a huge impact on millions of people. Despite the fact that laws against human trafficking differ from nation to nation, victims are increasingly appealing to the courts for redress and justice.

Further, numerous high-profile legal actions have been taken recently against traffickers as well as businesses that are alleged to have benefited from or enabled modern slavery.


The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) has been used by American victims of human trafficking to file civil lawsuits against their traffickers. Plaintiffs have the option to file a claim under the TVPRA for compensatory damages, such as lost wages and medical costs. Basically, the law also permits victims to request attorney’s fees, court costs, and travel expenses in addition to punitive damages, which are intended to penalize and discourage potential traffickers.

In addition to the TVPRA, the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) allows victims of human trafficking to pursue compensation. The rights of people who are damaged by organizations outside of their own nation—including those who are the victims of human trafficking—are protected by this law. In accordance with this statute, victims may bring a civil case against offenders in U.S. federal courts.


Despite these legal safeguards, many human trafficking cases go unresolved because there is a lack of knowledge or funding for competent legal representation. In order to keep their victims silent and prevent them from speaking out about their experiences and seeking justice in court, traffickers frequently employ deceptive promises or violent threats.

In order to address these issues, the U.S. Department of Justice has launched a number of pro bono legal projects that attempt to give human trafficking victims free legal representation. Clearly, these initiatives have made it possible for survivors to confront their traffickers and have assisted in raising the number of successful legal actions.

Evidently, victims of human trafficking are increasingly going to the courts for justice and recompense, regardless of the nation or legal system used. Through these initiatives, survivors can look for justice and obtain desperately needed restitution. Thus, it enables them to proceed with freedom, dignity, and optimism.

Yes. Initially, there are settlements of human trafficking lawsuits in 2018.

Staffing firm

Such settlement was between a staffing firm based in Florida and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Basically, the company was accused of exploiting vulnerable workers by paying them excessively low wages to work as janitors at two large housing complexes.

Thus, as part of the settlement, the staffing company will pay over $1 million in back wages and damages to more than 1,200 employees who were reportedly victims of human trafficking.

Hotel chain

Notably, another case involved a major hotel chain. Apparently, the company faced a lawsuit for neglecting to take action against suspected labor traffickers. Further, it was shown that such traffickers were operating at its properties.

As a result, the hotel chain agreed to pay more than $9 million in back wages and damages to over 8,000 housekeepers who had been victims of labor exploitation.

Do I qualify for a human trafficking lawsuit?

You may qualify to file Human Trafficking lawsuit if you meet all of the following criteria:

You survived human trafficking and you were sexually exploited at:

  • Commercial businesses, such as hotels & truck stops, or 
  • Certain websites, including classified advertising websites, to recruit and later advertise sex trafficking victims.
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What are the fees if your lawyers take my human trafficking case?

We have a no-stress arrangement for you if our human trafficking lawsuit lawyers take your case.

Basically, the legal representation will be an entirely contingent fee.

This means that all legal costs and expenses are borne by the law firm representing you. You pay nothing out of pocket.

Instead, the legal costs and expenses come out of the settlement or award you receive. 

So, call us now to discuss your case further.

What is the settlement amount in a human trafficking lawsuit?

Our team of active human trafficking lawsuit lawyers estimates jury verdicts in human trafficking lawsuits to range from $1 million or more.

Note, however, that this is a mere estimate.

Some actual settlement amounts in the past could be in the hundreds of thousands to over 20 million dollars.

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Will I have any obligations to Lawsuit Help Desk or your lawyers?

If you are eligible, you are under no obligation to us.

Our human trafficking lawsuit lawyers will go over the retainer agreement with you if we determine that you are qualified.

So, call us now to discuss this further. 

How long do I have to file my human trafficking lawsuit?

Act quickly for the sake of you and your family – even if you do not choose to work with us.

Generally, statutes of limitations may worsen due to slow scientific research, which could prevent you from receiving compensation. Furthermore, if you file your claim late, you may miss out on crucial settlement opportunities.

So, it is critical to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. One of our attorneys will first check your state’s statute of limitations and repose to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

The U.S. states have varying statutes of limitations (SOL) and statutes of repose (SOR).

Basically, these statutes prevent lawsuits from being filed or enforced after preset time limits.

Unfortunately, if these periods pass, your lawsuit will be dismissed. Hence, you will collect nothing. 

You could miss settlement opportunities if you file your human trafficking lawsuit late.

Basically, you will not be entitled to settle if your lawsuit is not filed. 

Hence, you need to act quickly. Talk to our leading human trafficking lawyers today.

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How do I file my human trafficking case?

Simple! Just give us a call to have a swift and stress-free assessment.

Do it now. Get peace of mind. 

Also, from now on, save every document our attorneys may need as evidence. 

So, call us now and talk to our leading human trafficking lawsuit lawyers.

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Monthly Status Updates: Human Trafficking Lawsuits

In February 2023, Days Inn agreed to pay $24M to settle a sex and human trafficking lawsuit.

As a result, eight human trafficking victims have reached a $24 million settlement with a Philadelphia Days Inn. The settlement resolves claims that the hotel allowed the minors, who were victims of human trafficking at the time, to be abused on its premises.

The TVPRA’s expanded rights have sparked numerous significant legal cases filed by human trafficking victims.

Hence, victims of human trafficking have brought legal action across the nation in the last two years against well-known hotel chains. These establishments include Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham.

Call our leading human trafficking lawsuit lawyers now for more details.

The human trafficking lawsuit filed against Motel 6 is dismissed.

According to prosecutors, Motel 6 has agreed to pay $250,000 to resolve a claim. Apparently, the city of Los Angeles filed the lawsuit after the chain’s facilities served as headquarters for gang members, drug dealers, and human traffickers.

Consequently, the funds will become a public fund. Thus, will be used to prevent human trafficking in Los Angeles. 

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