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Lawsuits Involving Tepezza: Basic Facts


A Tepezza lawsuit can be filed by people who took the medication and afterwards had tinnitus or permanent hearing loss in order to get financial support for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and impaired quality of life. Bringing a Tepezza lawsuit can also assist in alerting other patients to the dangers of using Tepezza.

Hearing loss in Tepezza

23% of 26 participants in a trial who received at least four Tepezza injections reported irreversible hearing loss. After ceasing medication, symptoms disappeared for some patients. Yet, some people’s problems persisted long after medication was stopped.

Tinnitus with Tepezza

In the same study, 27% of people using Tepezza experienced tinnitus. After a few months, some individuals’ symptoms disappeared. The authors of the study stated that they were unsure as to whether symptoms may be improved in patients whose tinnitus persisted after ceasing treatment.

Who May Pursue a Tepezza Lawsuit?

If you took Tepezza and have tinnitus or chronic or severe hearing loss, you might be eligible to pursue a claim. If you are eligible, a competent attorney can inform and represent you.

Questions Your Attorneys May Ask You

Here a questions a Tepezza lawsuit lawyer may ask you: You used Tepezza at what point? How many injections or therapies did you receive? Which types of hearing issues have you had? When did a medical professional find out you have hearing issues? Did your physician attend to any injuries you sustained while using Tepezza? Did your doctor mention Tepezza’s potential connection to your hearing issues?

The Tepezza lawsuit filing

You should speak with a Tepezza lawyer right away if you’re considering bringing a Tepezza lawsuit. It’s crucial to move promptly because there are deadlines for filing your complaint. The two- to four-year statute of limitations for a Tepezza lawsuit may vary depending on the state in which you reside. Free legal advice from an attorney could protect your ability to make a claim.

Lawuit Status for Tepezza

Tepezza litigation are still in their early stages, and no jury decisions or agreements have been reached. Lawyers are still taking new clients. After taking Tepezza and experiencing permanent hearing loss, Arizonan Daniel Weibel filed one of the initial Tepezza cases in Illinois in August 2022. According to Weibel’s lawsuit against Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Tepezza “has proved that Tepezza causes hearing loss through multiple patient reports, scientific research, and even Defendant’s post-marketing investigations.” Furthermore, Defendant did not issue any cautionary statements, directions, advice, or other information to Tepezza users. After being diagnosed with thyroid eye illness, Weibel received Tepezza treatment from June to September 2020. According to the complaint, neither he nor his treating physician were informed of the possibility of developing tinnitus or a permanent hearing loss.


In the event that Tepezza caused your hearing loss, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, discomfort, lost pay, and diminished quality of life by bringing a Tepezza case. Speak to an attorney at Tepezza right now to find out if you’re eligible.