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Revolutionizing PrestaShop: A User's Guide to Creating Cleaner, SEO-friendly URLs

Revolutionizing PrestaShop: A User’s Guide to Creating Cleaner, SEO-friendly URLs

The e-commerce world is constantly changing, with users and developers of PrestaShop wanting neater and more user-friendly URLs. Specifically, they want to remove the "search_query" parameter from their URL structure, as it currently is in PrestaShop. This omission could improve user experience and SEO rankings. However, in the current version, PrestaShop doesn't have an inherent way to do this, leading to various solutions from the PrestaShop community. The structure of URLs plays an important role in e-commerce platforms in terms of usability and security. Extra parameters could endanger user data, thus the need for regular website checks and updates on security patches. In line with the growing personalization trend in e-commerce, the PrestaShop team should consider adding a feature to easily remove the "search_query" from URLs.

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