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The Dark Side of Xeljanz: Unveiling the Hidden Health Risks and How a Mass Tort Battle Seeks Justice

Xeljanz: A Cure or a Curse?

Manufactured by Pfizer, Xeljanz, also known as Tofacitinib, is a Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor. It was approved by the FDA in 2012 as a treatment option for adults with moderate to severe active Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Subsequently, its usage was extended to Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC). However, reports and studies have raised concerns about the drug's safety, leading to a mass tort case that questions whether Xeljanz is more of a cure or a curse?

A 2019 safety clinical trial conducted by Pfizer revealed that RA patients aged 50 years and above with at least one cardiovascular risk factor, who were administered a 10 mg dose of Xeljanz twice a day, had an increased risk of developing serious heart-related events and cancers compared to those on TNF blockers. The FDA consequently issued a warning in 2019 about the potential risks, demanding a black box warning, the strictest label warning.

Cardiovascular Complications: A Ticking Time Bomb?

One of the most alarming alleged side effects of Xeljanz is the purported connection with major cardiovascular events. It’s reported that patients taking this medication may face an increased risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes.

  • The safety clinical trial revealed a higher occurrence of cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, in patients treated with a 10mg twice-daily dose of Xeljanz than in those treated with a TNF blocker.
  • Reports from the FDA's Adverse Events Reporting System (FAERS) also suggested a possible linkage between Xeljanz and cardiovascular problems.

The exact reason for this increased risk isn't clearly understood yet. Some researchers speculate that JAK inhibitors like Xeljanz might interfere with the function of blood cells and platelets, contributing to clot formation. This leads to the question: Is Xeljanz a ticking time bomb, silently causing damage to the cardiovascular system?

Blood Clots and Beyond: Xeljanz's Other Hidden Dangers

Beyond cardiovascular complications, Xeljanz is reportedly associated with other serious health risks, notably pulmonary embolism (PE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • PE, a condition where a blood clot lodges in the lungs, is potentially life-threatening. In the 2019 safety clinical trial, a statistically significant increase in PE was observed in patients taking a 10 mg twice-daily dose of Xeljanz compared to those on TNF blockers.
  • DVT, a condition where blood clots form in the deep veins, usually in the legs, can lead to PE if the clots travel to the lungs. The risk of DVT is also reportedly increased in Xeljanz patients.

In addition to these, patients have reported a range of other health-related side effects, including vision problems, intestinal disorders, and varying forms of cancers. Taken together, these reports raise serious concerns about the safety profile of Xeljanz, adding weight to the ongoing mass tort and the question around its alleged hidden dangers.

Lawsuit Help Desk: A Lifeline for Victims

In the face of the alleged dangers associated with Xeljanz, where can victims turn for help? Enter the Lawsuit Help Desk, a beacon of hope and support for those affected. The Lawsuit Help Desk is a professional service that connects victims of alleged pharmaceutical negligence with leading law firms that specialize in mass tort cases.

  • The Lawsuit Help Desk operates as a bridge between victims and legal representation. Their mission is to ensure that every victim has a chance to seek justice and hold manufacturers accountable for the alleged harm caused by drugs like Xeljanz.
  • Victims seeking guidance and support from the Lawsuit Help Desk can expect comprehensive assistance. This includes understanding the mass tort process, gathering necessary information, and connecting with legal practitioners equipped to handle their case.

It's worth noting that the Lawsuit Help Desk is not just an intermediary. They're advocates for public health awareness, aiming to shed light on the potential dangers of certain medications and medical devices. But could their efforts be enough to usher in change in corporate responsibility and healthcare regulation?

Fighting for Justice: The Battle for Compensation and Accountability

What's the ultimate goal of the Lawsuit Help Desk and the legal firms they associate with? Simply put, their mission is to fight for justice and secure financial compensation for those reportedly harmed by Xeljanz.

  • By providing victims with access to legal counsel, the Lawsuit Help Desk empowers individuals to take action against alleged negligence by pharmaceutical giants. The aim is to hold manufacturers accountable for the potential harms and negative health impacts associated with their products.
  • The pursuit of justice isn't just about financial compensation. It's about recognizing the potential harm done to patients and pushing for necessary changes in the pharmaceutical industry. Was the necessary due diligence exercised before Xeljanz came to market? Did the benefits truly outweigh the risks? Questions like these are central to mass tort cases and the pursuit of justice.
  • Another critical aspect of their mission is advocacy. By raising public awareness about potential pharmaceutical risks and corporate negligence, the Lawsuit Help Desk strives to protect future patients and promote a safer, more accountable healthcare system.

The battle is certainly an uphill one, with numerous cases pointing to a complex web of corporate interests, health risks, and regulatory oversights. Yet, the resolve of the victims, their families, and the legal teams representing them remains steadfast. For them, the fight for justice goes beyond the courtroom – it's about acknowledging the alleged damage caused by Xeljanz, supporting those affected, and ensuring that such a tragedy doesn't repeat.

The Xeljanz mass tort is much more than a legal battle. It's a call for change in the pharmaceutical industry, an advocacy for greater transparency, and a fight for justice for those who may have fallen victim to alleged corporate negligence. And as the battle rages on, one thing is clear: this fight is far from over.'s mission is to restore justice by finding every mass tort victim leading litigation counsel. Our services are free! We're also the leading information portal for people who have been injured from mass torts. We'd love to hear from you!