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The Eye-Opening Truth: How Mass Torts Are Shaping America's Legal Landscape

The Eye-Opening Truth: How Mass Torts Are Shaping America’s Legal Landscape

Mass torts, collective legal actions involving many plaintiffs versus a single defendant, are changing American law by holding corporations accountable for widespread harm through negligence or dishonesty. This rise in collective action revolutionizes jurisprudence and has accelerated the use of multidistrict litigation (MDL), a method of condensing cases with common themes before one federal judge. In 2018, over 36% of federal caseload involved MDL, illustrating the profound impact of mass torts on legal proceedings. Prominently, corporations, specifically big pharmaceuticals and asbestos-related firms, are common defendants in mass tort claims. Large public health issues, such as the opioid crisis, bring thousands of cases against such corporations. While MDL provides efficiency, it often extends legal disputes by several years. Nevertheless, mass torts are a potent instrument for corporate accountability, assisting individuals in seeking justice. Anticipating the future, an expected increase in mass torts can be attributed to their success and growing public consciousness.

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