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Unlocking the Secrets of Magento 2's Search Function: An Insider's Guide by Renowned Expert, Sanjay Jethva

Unlocking the Secrets of Magento 2’s Search Function: An Insider’s Guide by Renowned Expert, Sanjay Jethva

In his guide, co-founder of Meetanshi, Sanjay Jethva, expertly dissects Magento 2's search_query table – critical to the platform's search function. This table is more than a data store; it improves customer experience and boosts store performance. It records user's search queries to offer personalized suggestions and tracks the popularity of certain keywords, acting as a real-time market monitor. Jethva sees it as insight into customer mindset, helping businesses stay on top of trends. The table's four main fields – query_text, num_results, popularity, and store_id – play vital roles in this process. He highlights that comprehending and leveraging this data can help online retailers optimize their inventory and strategically position popular products, increasing visibility and sales. This guide underscores the search_query table not merely an information repository, but a potent tool for e-commerce growth.

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