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Unmasking The Hidden Tectonic Shifts in Mass Tort Law: What They're Not Telling You!

Unmasking The Hidden Tectonic Shifts in Mass Tort Law: What They’re Not Telling You!

Mass tort law is evolving rapidly. Visible shifts include the rise in multidistrict litigations (MDL) and increased use of litigation science, the surge in third-party litigation funding, as well as the transition to virtual proceedings due to the pandemic. These are revolutionizing conventional practices. Unlike class actions, MDL ensures a fairer compensation by individually assessing each case. Third-party funding increases access to justice by financially assisting plaintiffs or attorneys in trade for a settlement percentage. Technological advancements like AI and predictive analytics, new areas of litigation like data breaches and privacy violations, are shaping the mass tort landscape. Yet, public awareness about these significant shifts is limited, contributing to a lack of transparency. This highlights the need for greater transparency and fairness in mass tort litigation, and a call for reforms to balance individual and corporate interests.

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