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Unveiling the Dark Side of Justice: A Deep Dive into America's Mass Torts Epidemic

Unveiling the Dark Side of Justice: A Deep Dive into America’s Mass Torts Epidemic

The mass torts epidemic, characterized by a spike in class action lawsuits, is gradually undermining the U.S. justice system. Initially intended to enhance efficiency and fairness in cases involving harmful drugs or flawed products, mass torts are now often used by corporations and lawyers to marginalize individual claims and financially exploit victims. These complex lawsuits typically result in overstretched courts, delayed trials, hurried settlements, and exorbitant attorneys’ fees, leaving victims with a minor share of the settlement.

Corporations and their lawyers usually portray themselves as victims' advocates. Yet, they manipulate the system in their favor through tactics like lobbying for legal reforms, media manipulation, and fast settlements. Lawyers often exploit unsuspecting victims, inflate claims to boost the settlement amount, and garner enormous fees.

The hidden cost of mass torts falls on victims who face exhausting legal battles and receive inadequate settlements. This epidemic has altered the justice balance, sidelined individual claims, eroded public faith, and misused justice, therefore posing severe implications for the principle of fairness.

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